Quick Tutorial how to manage the troops in Clash Royale and how to prepare it for Attack.

Preparing the Troops for Attack

Clash Royale soldiers (or cards) are updated by getting more of the same card. As soon as you have enough, spend gold to update it to a powerful system. The Giant, the Goblins, the skeletons and the Hog Rider are ones from the better soldiers in Clash Royale. There are also lots of other soldiers, but the ones mentioned before are the best. It is necessary to upgrade your soldiers as you advance, but do not upgrade whatever. Gold has to be spent sensibly, and sparingly. Just upgrade exactly what you prepare to use, and conserve as much as you can for the essential upgrades later on. But be aware of the gold. Some of the Upgrades consume a lot of Gold. That’s why, upgrade the cards you use the most, for a stronger and more capable army.

Preparing the Troops for Attack

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Gold is the most crucial currency in Clash Royale. The Gold cannot be produced like in Clash of Clans. Insted, here the Gold is gain only by winning. You can also make gold from complimentary day-to-day chests. The more fights you win, the more chests you can open. Some take 3 hours to unlock, some take 8, as well as 12 hours. I start those before visiting bed. It’s a long haul, but worth it. The Crown Chest gives out the most gold.

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