Main features – Message Smuggler



Message Smuggler is the leading software on the market of its kind, which used to smuggle or hide text message into image.
Images created with Message Smuggler are not only undetectable, but irretrievable as well.
Message Smuggler is an ideal tool for individuals who share very sensitive data with colleagues, family, or friends, and require that data to remain secure.

Main features of Message Smuggler:

– All messages smuggled into images are encrypted with special certified encryption method based on 256-bit encryption algorithm and password protected.

– Images containing hidden messages are fully functional and are identical to the original one.
Images absolutely don’t lose on quality.

– The user, who has permission (password to hidden message) can anytime erase message from image file. This operation put the image file to its original form.

– Although images containing hidden messages, you can view the images with any conventional image viewer software. Nobody knows, that the image containing hidden messages.



1. Download the latest version
2. Run the downloaded file setup.exe
2. Answer all prompts presented.
3. Run “Start”, “Programs”, and “Message Smuggler”, then “Message Smuggler” item or run the Message Smuggler from desktop icon or quicklaunch icon.

There is no need to reboot, so you can run the program right after it is installed on your machine.

System requirements:

– Microsoft® Windows® all versions 95/98/ME/2000/XP/2003
– 16MB of RAM (128MB recommended)
– 1MB of available hard-disk space
– Color monitor with 16-bit color or greater video card

Getting Started:

First at all you need is image *.jpg or *.bmpimage file. Into this file will be stored your secret message for colleagues, family, friends, or sweetheart. 🙂

Stored image file after use you can send via e-mail, share on internet, upload to webpages, or simply store on disk etc…

Usage of Message Smuggler software:
Application is very user friendly.




– find and open image file with or without message for use.
– if finded image file isn’t opened with software, it might be damaged or not supported format, try to find another image file.

– Enter the correct password and read the hidden message.

– After writing the message, store message into image file. You must use the password of any choice to complete this operation. After successfully entered password the green bullet signalize, that image file has stored hidden message.

– You can use this operation, after read message operation.