Message Smuggler Pro


Message Smuggler Pro is a total privacy and cleaning solution for individuals who share very sensitive data with colleagues, family, or friends, and require that data to remain secure and stay their PC privacy clean. Images created with Message Smuggler Pro are not only undetectable, but irretrievable as well.

Main features of Message Smuggler Pro:

– All features as Message Smuggler
– Backward compatibility with all outputs created in older versions or Message smuggler
– Added more supported formats: GIF, JPG, PCX, BMP, PNG, TGA, WMF, EMF, JPEG2000, WBMP
– Added text message and file encryption into image (both in one image)
– Added File to file Encryption and decryption
– Added Wipe a file function
– Added Easy remember password generator
– Added System cleaner with software autodetection and one click clean function
– Added Easy secure email creator
– Reduced application price for both products 🙂



1. Download the latest version
2. Run the downloaded file setup.exe
2. Answer all prompts presented.
3. Run “Start”, “Programs”, and “Message Smuggler Pro “, then “Message Smuggler Pro ” item or run the Message Smuggler Pro from desktop icon or quicklaunch icon.

There is no need to reboot, so you can run the program right after it is installed on your machine.

System requirements:

Microsoft® Windows® all versions 95/98/ME/2000/XP/2003
– 16MB of RAM (128MB recommended)
– 3MB of available hard-disk space
– Color monitor with 16-bit color or greater video card

Encrypt/Decrypt file to file

With Message Smuggler Pro, you can encrypt files of any type, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents, any movies, audio files, etc. It protects information against being viewed or modified without your authorization. The reliable and ultra-secure certified algorithm is used for data encryption and no encryption passwords are saved within the encrypted files. This makes the encryption very secure. The program has a convenient and intuitive interface and so even the most inexperienced users in the sphere of information protection can protect their data quite easily. Protected files that can’t be decrypted without Message Smuggler Pro program feature.

Warning! Do not lose your password!
Our encryption software has no backdoors or masterkeys.
Should you lose or forget your password, there is nothing we can do to help you gain access to your data.
The Message Smuggler Pro uses strong encryption algorithm that make hacking or cracking impossible.

1. Press Find source file button to Encrypt/Decrypt
2. Press the Encrypt or Decrypt button for operation you want
3. Enter your password
4. Save your file where you want

Wipe a file

Why use File Wipe?

When files are deleted, they are not actually removed from the computer. Instead, a small part at the beginning of the file is modified so the computer treats it as free space. It is possible the file could be recovered until the area is overwritten later by new data. This information can still be found or rebuilt and sometimes months after its removal. Because sensitive information that exists in an unsecure form is vulnerable to an Undelete Attack, a File Wipe program will increase security.

How it works

File Wipe programs work by not only unlinking a file but specifically overwriting them with garbage data.

1. Press Find a file to wipe button
2. Press the Wipe button


Easy remember password generator

Create a simple and easy remember passwords.
Password lenght arrows define a final length of generated password. It could be from 7 to 15 characters long.
The password with 7 and more characters guarantee excelent security.
– Create password with CAPITALS – uses Capital letters too
– Create password with numbers – uses numbers too

Press Generate button until is easy to remember for you.

With switches you could change your password to produce the desired state.



Easy secure email creator

1.Press Open image button and choose your previously created image in Hide/Unhide a file into image section with smuggled text or file (both)
2. Fill in Mail to, Subject and email body – optional
You can change this values in your default email client.
3. Press the Send now button.

To clear all filled informations press Clear button.

In email body is visible text
(visible in email – NOT ENCRYPTED) use it just for fake text.